Diabetes Miellitus

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Chinese herbal therapies can improve blood sugar in diabetic pets.

What’s the evidence?

In a recently published meta-analysis study, the researchers collected studies for the past decade regarding Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and diabetes mellitus in human. TCM is shown to effectively lower blood glucose and improve clinical outcome.

How can Traditional Chinese Medicine help my pet?

Diabetes mellitus happens most commonly in middle-aged female dogs. In most dogs, it is thought that an immune-mediated process leads to destruction of insulin-secreting pancreatic βeta cells, which leads to absolute insulin deficiency. Once they are diagnosed, they will need life-time insulin therapy and frequent monitoring. TCM, used in conjunction with insulin, can help better control glucose levels and decrease the chances of insulin resistance and complications such as diabetic neuropathy.

Chinese herbal medicine is generally safe with occasional mild side effects, such as vomiting and diarrhea. Chinese medicine is individual-based medicine, each patient is prescribed a specific formula based on their Chinese medical diagnosis.

Diabetes Miellitus

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