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Chinese Herbal Medicine Can Help Chronic Kidney Disease.

What’s the evidence?

A 2015 restrospective study, on almost 25,000 human patients with newly diagnosed chronic kidney disease, demonstrated the use of Chinese herbal medicine decreased the risk of end-stage kidney disease by 60% compared to patients not receiving herbal therapy.

How can Chinese Herbal Medicine help my pets?

Chronic kidney disease is very common in older cats, and less frequently in dogs. Diet change, fluid therapy, and medications are frequently needed to help slow down the progression. While dialysis and kidney transplants are possible, the availability and cost of the services prohibit wide-spread use. Chinese Herbal Medicine can offer an alternative or adjunct therapy to postpone the progression of the disease, extending lifespan and quality of life.

Chinese herbal medicine is generally VERY SAFE with occasional mild side effects, such as reduced appetite, vomiting and diarrhea. Chinese Medicine is tailored to the individual, and each patient is prescribed a specific formula based on their Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine Examination.

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